A New Approach to Capture

There’s been a common theme in the document imaging world for decades. That is, if you aren’t happy with the way an image looks the first time, you change your scanner settings and scan again.

Rinse, repeat. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to forgotten settings and a lack of consistency across scan stations over periods of time. The problem can be especially bad when running a visually diverse set of documents through a single cleanup profile.

Document De-Skewing

How ScanOnce Works

ScanOnce empowers users, at any step in a process, to correct these issues and revert each image back to its unaltered, full-color state. Users can manually adjust thresholding, brightness, contrast, color mode, skew, and cropping when they see fit.

Custom-tailored cleanup profiles can be applied on the fly to handle more complicated cleanup tasks. And at no point will you need to rescan the document using different scanner settings trying to get a better image.

Connect to more than 400 document scanners using ISIS or TWAIN drivers, and centrally manage image cleanup settings to bring consistency and quality to your end-product. Grooper also features integrations for standalone devices like IBML’s imageTrac and the ColorTrac SmartLF wide format scanners.

Review Images Faster & Easier

For organizations capturing large volumes of paper documents, image quality can be a large source of frustration.

Our Image Review interface allows you to group images together by height, width, intensity, and aspect ratio. This naturally brings images with similar defects together and allows you to rapidly correct issues without having to look at every single image.

Document Image Review

What Results Can You Get with Grooper Image Review?

  • Delete blank pages
  • Lighten dark photographs
  • Straighten skewed documents
  • Rotate images for correct orientation
  • Remove black border with re-cropping
  • Make text legible again

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