A New Approach to Document Capture

Innovation in enterprise capture stopped decades ago, paving the way for intelligent capture.

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Modern organizations are digitally transforming workflows. Now, because of intelligent document processing, document capture is driving new innovations in all industries.

Data extraction from physical documents and electronic documents is vital for transformation, so fast and efficient document capture is needed.

Intelligent Document Capture Eliminates Manual Scanning Profiles

With just a single scanner hardware profile, Grooper intelligent document capture provides full control of document images or PDF files. Patented image processing and computer vision provide all the tools needed to adjust:

  • Thresholding
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Color mode
  • Correct skew
  • Much more
document capture
An example of Grooper’s easy-to-use document image tools.

Advanced processing profiles are applied real-time for more complicated cleanup tasks.

And at no point will you need to re-scan a document using different scanner settings in an attempt to get a better image.

Robust data review screens provide users workflows to correct any problems with a document’s scanned image. Built-in image clean-up algorithms automatically correct common defects introduced during scanning.

Save time scanning documents – choose Grooper for intelligent document capture.

What is Grooper?

What Hardware Works with Grooper?

Connect to more than 400 scanners using ISIS or TWAIN drivers. Let Grooper take care of image cleanup settings for beautiful and perfect scans.

Do you have a fleet of different types of scanners? No problem, apply scanning features based on model.

Document Capture Hardware
Document Capture Equipment

Grooper document capture software integrates with production devices like IBML’s imageTrac and the ColorTrac SmartLF wide format scanners.

Scanning microfiche or aperture cards? Grooper has native integration with Mekel high-speed scanners. This feature offloads image processing from scanner hardware to maximize scan speed.

Scan Documents at Warp Speed

Because of native integration with scanning hardware, scan operators run equipment at top speed without sacrificing quality.

How? Offloading any document capture and image pre-processing work to Grooper frees up limited scanner resources to enable top hardware performance.

How to Capture Microfiche in a Flash

Microfiche has been a standard format for archiving because it made it easy to index and store files. Court records are one example of documents stored on microfiche in a document management system, and many government agencies have saved vast numbers of files on fiche.

Grooper provides end-to-end microfiche capture with a faster workflow and cleaner images resulting in more accurate OCR data.

To scan microfiche quickly, Grooper sorts document image “tiles” and organizes them into subfolders.

So, if there are 7 strips with 22 tile images in each strip, users see 7 folders, each containing 22 images. The image tiles are then stitched into a low resolution preview of the entire fiche card. This provides a visual reference for quick review. Grooper detects the frames around individual image tiles and extracts each into individual images.

This is how the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was able to scan, OCR, extract, and integrate critical metadata on over 20 million pages of microfiche in 9 just months.

Rapid Image Review

If you are capturing information from paper documents or microform, image quality is critical.

The Grooper Image Review interface groups images together by height, width, intensity, and aspect ratio:

Document Image Review

This naturally brings images with similar defects together in order to quickly correct issues without having to look at every single image.

ScanOnce™ is an intelligent capture feature that allows users to restore the original unmodified image at any point in a processing workflow. This eliminates any need to perform costly re-scans.

Results You Can Count on with Intelligent Document Capture:

  • Delete blank pages
  • Lighten dark images
  • Straighten skewed documents
  • Rotate images for correct orientation
  • Remove black border with re-cropping
  • Make text legible again
  • Maximize scanning hardware performance
  • Decrease scanning time and expensive re-scans
  • Fast and efficient scanned image review
  • Capture from any type of document

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