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Modern data tools make analyzing content and curating pretrained data easier than ever.

And this is important because data is increasingly being used by non-technical staff for daily decision-making.

Now is the time to act and enable a new wave of data analysis that will help reinvent your organization with new data-based innovations.

Data discovery tools have evolved to help find relationships in combinations of diverse info sources. Natural language processing, accelerated AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning are the foundation of data discovery and data preparation provided by intelligent document processing.

Unlocking and analyzing new information sources provides insights that fuel innovation and strategic growth.

What is Data Discovery?

Data discovery software is a tool that greatly helps with the process of collecting data from many sources as well as finding patterns, trends, and outliers in the data.

data preparation and visual analysis

The four main categories of data discovery software are:

  • Data preparation
  • Data modeling
  • Visual analysis
  • Guided advanced statistical analysis

Versions of these tools are usually included in business intelligence solutions.

The data discovery segment is one of the most rapidly changing and growing parts of the BI market as they are generally bought by businesses who need to overcome data access, data exploration and data preparation challenges in their existing BI systems.

There are a number of different data discovery software available in the market, in order to solve a variety of different and complex data issues. Our data discovery tools in the Grooper AI acceleration platform solve issues related to data based in scanned documents and electronic files.

Our data integration and data preparation abilities help users identify and prepare data from relevant enterprise data sources.

How to Search Over 20 Years of Document-Based Data in BI Systems

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Chances are, this would be a monumental task.

Even if you have an electronic content management system, chances are good that important information is locked away in email systems, user folders, network file shares, and document images that aren’t full-text searchable.

Using intelligent document processing as a data discovery tool puts more information within easy reach than ever before.

By transforming the way you work with document-based information, you’ll save valuable time and create greater business outcomes.

Popular Benefits of Top Data Discovery Tools

Organizations in every industry and government sector use data integration tools and business intelligence software to work with structured and unstructured data.

Data discovery processes save time, end inefficiencies, increase revenue, and reduce workload through:

  • Augmented data discovery
  • Rapid discovery and text classification of content in electronic files and email
  • Creating, capturing, and interoperating metadata
  • Processing and interoperating text files like EDI and XML
  • Integrating information with Microsoft ecosystems – Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and File stores
  • Parsing data in cloud and local electronic content management systems
  • Enhancing text search for explorative data abilities across silos of information
  • Advanced dashboards and visual reporting

How Data Discovery Empowers You to Do More With Less

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Because of new advances in AI-based data discovery tools, users are creating and analyzing more content with less data science skills. These advances have revolutionized how we interact with information.

Now, organizations are more proactive and innovative because they are more engaged with their information. By leveraging diverse data, you can greatly improve and transform your information analysis and business process models.

How Strategic is Your Data Analytics?

Massive disruption is at hand today more than ever. Both society and business has become more digital and global competition is rampant.

The success of modern business operations is entirely dependent on creative and strategic use of data analytics and business intelligence. Unstructured data is a largely untapped source of undiscovered mission critical information.

Data tools that augment human workflows with document-based data deliver value quickly while minimizing risk.

Data Discovery Tools Scale Business Impact

There is a strong urgency today to unlock complex data sources.

From transactional machine-generated data to the forms and documents that make up day to day operations, increasing business impact requires access to trusted sources of information.

Creating increasing business impact at scale requires a solid foundation of info governance and a transparent data fabric.

Broader access to more info makes it easier to scale better daily decision making and customer service.

Hours to Develop & Execute Data Discovery / Redaction for 200K Documents

Graph of Data Discovery Tools Work Required for Finding and Redacting
For more information, check out the OSU case study.
pci data protection case study

How They Discovered Data 77 Times Faster

Searching for information in data silos is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. Multiply that by 40,000 and you are in the same situation that a large financial institution faced recently.

Even with an advanced document management platform, the project could have lasted a year or more. But, by connecting to the Grooper AI accelerator, the task was completed quickly and without error.


  • What ways PII discovery tools are protecting sensitive data
  • How many hours Grooper saved
  • The consequences faced for failure

Download our use case spotlight to learn more:


  • “It is a rarity that I find an application that the product can actually do all they claim it can do. I can speak to support, sales or their development team about any challenge I am encountering and they will go above and beyond to help me accomplish my goal! ”

    Sr Data Architect
  • “All of the information in some file some place is very hard to retrieve. We ought to be able to get it with the click of a button, and now we can. Using the system that Grooper provides to scan the documents and mine the data eliminates many manual processes. My belief is that in the long-term it doesn’t really cost us anything because it’s going to pay us dividends over and over again. I would be surprised if anybody has a system that’s any better than this.”

    Gary Ridley, former Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation, former Director of Oklahoma Dept of Transportation and former Director of Oklahoma Transportation Authority
  • “Grooper has saved OSU hundreds of thousands of dollars and the ROI was seen in less than six months after going live. This product has taken data processing, document scanning, and import automation to a whole new level. It’s now in virtually every department including our president’s office.”

    Erin Girton, Database Administrator/Content Management & Capture Administrator, Oklahoma State University
  • “Practically every unit here within our agency uses Grooper on some level. Grooper has cut down on our indexing time by 70 percent.”

    Ryan Freeman-Smith, Manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • “I can’t tell you what a huge timesaver Grooper has been for our team!”

    K Pitts, IRA Auditor

Data Discovery Case Studies

Thousands of companies choose BIS to enrich products and services with unique data-centric solutions. Here are some of their stories.

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