Need a human readable copy of your data? Or data integrated into existing software?

You get both – with point-and-click data integration tools that require NO code. Count on full data integration into your systems:

  • Migrate native files between systems
  • Integrate with Microsoft Cloud Storage
  • Capture mixed media content through Azure Cognitive Services
  • Convert physical documents or media to electronic
  • Generate text files
  • Any combination of these

Inject data into your content management system or data silo with Grooper.

Any structure or format of data, virtually any industry, we have helped hundreds of clients solve their specific data challenges.

But how do we integrate information into your system? Take a look at our tools for implementing data below.

Electronic File Integration Tools

CMIS+ Integration Compatability
CMIS+ Compatibility

This is another big difference from many other integration solutions. Grooper can:

  • Easily integrate with common ECM and document management systems from Alfresco, Documentum, Microsoft, IBM, Open Text, OnBase, etc.
  • Start models based on existing repositories. Read more about Grooper’s electronic document management
  • Execute a range of queries, including full-text search
  • Interchange multi-level filing structures, such as student records, case files, employee files, etc.
  • Interchange unmapped folders and files
Microsoft Clout Storage Integration
Microsoft Cloud Storage, SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Through our CMIS+ ability, Microsoft Graph and related APIs, connect to Microsoft content platforms such as:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive
Azure and AWS Cognitive Service Data Integration Tools
Azure Cognitive Services
  • Read handwriting in documents through recognize text APIs
  • Increase the powers of automation by using cloud-based services to look for pictures in files and classify them
  • Translate foreign-language documents
File Share, FTP, SFTP and Mail Server Integration
File Share / FTP / SFTP / Mail Server

Easy migration including intelligent file share restructuring

Data Export Integration
Database Export
  • Flatten hierarchical reports into database-exportable data sets
  • Define connections to existing SQL or ODBC-compliant destinations
  • Map data tables with an expandable mapping interface
XML and JSON Data Integration
  • Integrate any data, including meta data
  • Use XSLT to apply XML transformations
  • Easy, unified, robust XML and JSON file exports
  • Output XML data to virtually any layout
Text File Integration Tools
Text File
  • Export flattened, delimited CSV text files
  • Optionally, include file paths, header rows, etc.
  • Supports massive text files with thousands of pages
Custom Export Integration
Custom Export
  • XSLT extraction and data transformation for more complex requirements
  • Need More? Write your own export provider with File Export settings
  • Built-in XSLT transform tester for rapid validation

Physical Document File Integration Tools

From image processing, OCR, text extraction and document classification, Grooper has the best tools you will find.

Learn why Grooper is the #1 choice for integrating data from physical documents.

Physical Document File Integration Tools
Case Study on Data Integration Tools

Check out this Real-Life Integration Example

This well-known financial institution was very underwhelmed with their previous data integration tools. Then they began using Grooper and began to save substantial time and money. Find out:

  • How many thousands of hours they save each year through better data capture
  • The industry-exclusive advantages Grooper has over other solutions
  • How did Grooper fare at processing documents from over 40 branch offices?

Download our case study to learn more:

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