Need a human readable copy of your data? Need data integrated into existing software?

You get both – with no-code, point-and-click configuration.

What can I do with my data?

Whether you are migrating native files between systems, converting physical media to electronic, generating text files, or any combination of these, count on full integration with your systems.

CMIS Compatibility

Built-in integration with common ECM and document management systems from Alfresco, Documentum, Microsoft, IBM, Open Text, OnBase, etc. Models can also be started in Grooper based on existing repositories.

SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Direct integration with SharePoint Online and OneDrive through Microsoft Graph and related APIs.

File Share / FTP / SFTP / Mail Server

Easy migration including intelligent file share restructuring.

Database Export

Flatten hierarchical reports into database-exportable data sets. Define connections to existing SQL or ODBC-compliant destinations. Map data tables with an expandable mapping interface.


Integrate any data, including meta data. Easy, unified, robust XML and JSON file exports.

Text File

Export flattened, delimited CSV text files. Optionally, include file paths, header rows, etc.

Custom Export

XSLT extraction and data transformation for more complex requirements.

Need More?

Write your own export provider with File Export settings.

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