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Case Study: Data Extraction in Medical Documents

medical data extraction

Making the Switch to Grooper Intelligent Document Processing Improves Patient Lives

Discover how a leader in the medical equipment manufacturing industry is using AI acceleration improving the lives of their patients days or weeks faster.

Previously, they were using a legacy document processing that gave poor, inconsistent OCR results on medical documents. By replacing the old solution with the Grooper AI accelerator, they immediately saw a significant improvement in OCR / data capture results.

They are also able to understand why and how the system works – something that was impossible with the previous solution. For the first time, they can now also leverage the latest in AI and cloud technologies.

In this medical data extraction case study, discover:

  • Which legacy capture solution they were previously using
  • The 6 top ways they are leveraging Grooper to streamline internal data processes
  • How many documents the legacy solution failed to identify every month
  • Which AI and cloud technologies Grooper is using to give such a high rate of capture accuracy

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