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Oil and Gas Analytics: Strike Gold with Powerful Data Preparation

oil and gas analytics

It shouldn’t be so hard to get data out of 3rd party reports and statements for quality oil and gas analytics. And now, it’s easier than ever…

A large multi-national oil and gas E&P corporation solved that problem. They’re now integrating much more data from third party reporting.

By unlocking this data and injecting it into their data analytics platforms with Grooper digital oilfield solutions they’ve increased efficiencies, reduced manual data entry, and improved decision making.


  • The top 2 ways that leveraging previously unavailable data is paying off big time
  • How to extract full and accurate data despite different (and constantly changing) report formats
  • How to save millions of dollars with better reporting
Advanced data preparation is being used in a variety of oil and gas analytics applications. Download the case study spotlight and learn more!

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