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Grooper Listed as Technology Leader

OKLAHOMA CITY, JAN 27, 2021 – BIS, creator of Grooper® – a leading intelligent document processing and digital data integration platform is recognized in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK MatrixTM: Intelligent Document Processing Report.

“Being recognized next to software companies like Automation Anywhere, Parascript, Kofax, and ABBYY proves the power of what we’ve accomplished, says BIS CEO Dan Rotelli. “We have new innovations in the works and it’s exciting to see our vision of document intelligence come to life in our customers’ projects.”

Tackling Tough Use-Cases in Document Processing

“We built Grooper because coming to grips with the complexities of data is hard, says Rotelli. “And being willing to have fun while working on some of the toughest use-cases imaginable makes the process more enjoyable and sustainable.”

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Asked which industries are seeing the most value from intelligent document processing, Rotelli says “Financial services and healthcare have always been at the top of the list. Our healthcare implementation team works with customers on projects that are extracting billions of data points every day. And in finance, the mortgage space is doing some really innovative things with lending documents.”

The Future of Intelligent Document Processing

“We’ve always believed the goal of working with documents is to enrich them with human understanding, says Rotelli. “What that means is embedding knowledge into the documents themselves. To do that, we’ve had to develop comprehensive approaches to working with complex documents. I believe the future of intelligent document processing is one where publishers of documents build in a digital data framework – think of a database – within documents themselves.

“If you receive one of these enriched documents, you don’t have to build complex data extraction models to ingest the data. As documents change hands, they become more valuable because information is easy to access.

“The other trend is increased adoption by organizations who have implemented RPA, but struggle to deliver information from documents and large text files. We’ve developed structured solutions to receive files from bots, process out the important data, and then deliver the data back into automation workflows. As an RPA-agnostic partner, we’ve worked with leading RPA platforms with great success.”

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent document processing augments human understanding of unstructured data through data science tools like computer vision, optical character recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing in each stage of document data integration.

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