Accelerate Approvals with Powerful Human-in-the-Loop AP Automation

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Because Expediting Invoice Processing Creates Value:

  • Early payment discounts
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Decreased costs
  • Reduced errors

What is Human-in-the-Loop AP Automation?

Human-in-the-loop invoice automation is transparent artificial intelligence that is trainable by your subject matter experts.  

A.I. is simply marketing hype unless users see how it is working – how else can you trust it? 

When you choose an AP invoice automation software that shows users how data is extracted and validated, you’ll have total confidence in the results. 

See how AI data capture works, check out or invoice processing demo or our general AP invoice automation software demo.

8 Important AP Automation Benefits:


Connect to your scanners, accounting, email, and fax providers.

Document Management

Import digital invoices with auto-naming and metadata.


Apply vendor lookups and mathematical validations.

PO Matching

Set automatic approval with two-way and three-way matching.

Error Review

Flag inconsistencies for rapid human review.

High Volume

Process thousands of invoices or purchase orders daily.

No Templates

Use rapid machine learning to identify and extract invoice data.

Extract More Data

Line-item extraction and automated reconciliation captures more data.

Enterprise Accounts Payable Automation that Puts You in Control

  • Unlimited data capture – no limits on data capture fields
  • Built-in integrations with content management systems like, ApplicationXtender, SharePoint, etc. Also integrate with your invoice management system.
  • Handwriting recognition for signatures and manual notations
  • Deep approval workflows route invoices with your business rules
  • Full visibility into how data is identified and extracted
  • Secure data integration within your protected infrastructure
  • Lock box services available in our SOC 2 Type 2 secured facility
  • Paper invoices or virtually any format of electronic invoice

Invoice Automation Testimonials

  • “Being able to simplify and even automate the data entry of scanned documents into our system with (Grooper) OCR is amazing and a godsend.”

    Michael K.
  • “We use Grooper for a lot of accounting purposes, and for all the different types of invoices that we process. One of the reasons we like Grooper is that have one application built within Grooper for our whole accounting department. It contains seven different samples of the different kind of invoices we use, depending on if it’s a travel claim, or if it’s repaying a vendor, or something else. Grooper’s able to just recognize everything.”

    Ryan Freeman-Smith, Manger, Oklahoma Health Care Authority

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