Accelerate Approvals with Powerful Human-in-the-Loop AP Automation

Grooper is the only cross-industry, multi-use-case automation platform that puts accounting teams at the center of enterprise digital transformation.

Be the early adopter of a tool that will be used by every department and on your organization’s most complex data integration challenges.

But First, Let’s Tackle Invoice Processing!

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Because Expediting Invoice Processing Creates Value:

  • Early payment discounts
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Decreased costs
  • Reduced errors

What is Human-in-the-Loop AP Automation?

Human-in-the-loop AP automation solutions use transparent artificial intelligence trainable by end users. You aren’t stuck with just uploading an invoice to then deal with frustrating errors, or repeated mistakes.

human control machine learning

You control the machine learning and data validation rules for fast AP processing. Humans are in the loop to train the AI on the invoices you work with, and then again at the end of the process for rapid data validation using your rules, and your logic.

You get to decide what’s important to your workflows and extract all the data you need.

Choose AP invoice automation software that shows users how data is extracted and validated, for total confidence in the results. Start with the 80 / 20 rule for fast return on investment (capture 100% of the data on 80% of the invoices you receive), and then move on to capture the outliers without costly development time.

See how AI data capture works, check out our invoice processing demo or our general AP invoice automation software demo.

8 Advantages of Automating Your AP Workload with Grooper:


Connect to your scanners, accounting, email, and fax providers. Learn more

Document Management

Import digital invoices with auto-naming and metadata.
Learn more


Apply vendor lookups and mathematical validations. Learn more

PO Matching

Set automatic approval with two-way and three-way matching. Learn more

Error Review

Flag inconsistencies for rapid human review. Learn more

High Volume

Process thousands of invoices or purchase orders daily. Learn more

No Templates

Use rapid machine learning to identify and extract invoice data. Learn more

Extract More Data

Line-item extraction and automated reconciliation captures more data. Learn more

AP Data Integration

electronic integration

Automating accounts payable processes involves more than just invoice number and basic field recognition. Grooper directly integrates with your scanning hardware for seamless paper invoice processes.

Already have digital invoices?

Easily connect to your cloud / local file system, email inbox, or fax provider. Need to validate line item details with an external database? No problem with Grooper.

Document Management

invoice document management

Retaining a copy of invoices for future review is important. Grooper allows you to process invoices where they are stored or move them into your content management system after processing.

Attach extracted data as metadata or use it as custom attributes to make invoice searches and approval workflows easy.

Validating Extracted Invoice and Payment Data

invoice math validation

Because Grooper uses human-in-the-loop AI, you build machine learning models that work the way you do.

Create data validations based on:

  • External databases
  • Lexicons
  • Mathematical rules
  • Business rules

Then flag any invoice data that doesn’t pass for fast and real time human data review.

When data meets your validation and accuracy thresholds, use business process management workflows to route approvals to the right person or team.

PO Matching

purchase order matching

Who wants to pay an invoice twice? Or pay for something you didn’t approve?

Processing hundreds of thousands or millions of invoices requires a back-end AP automation solution that gives you peace of mind that valuable revenue isn’t slipping through the cracks.

Integrate with you PO system data for automatic approval using 2 and 3-way matching.

Error Review

error human review

No human is perfect and no machine will ever be perfect, especially with documents like invoices that are created by someone else.

To minimize this problem, Grooper will flag all questionable data for human review. AP processing clerks love working in Grooper because of the way Grooper presents both extracted information and an image of the invoice itself. Fields marked for review are highlighted on the invoice for fast correction.

High Volume Invoice Processing

purchase order high volume

Whether you process 1,000 invoices a year or 10 million, Grooper scales to meet your requirements.

  • End manual data entry
  • On-shore your AP teams
  • Enjoy fast return on investment

Deploy Grooper in your own infrastructure for the fastest and least-expensive B2B AP automation solution on the market.

And if you only need low-volume processing, Grooper scales down for single office / home office workers.

Template-Free Invoice Onboarding

no templates icon

While Grooper does a decent job at processing invoices that it has never seen, the fact is that AP processing needs to be highly efficient in order to reduce manual processes and save your AP team’s time.

No AI-based invoice automation solution will function as well as one that has been trained on your invoices. So Grooper provides a rapid and easy machine learning interface for efficient invoice classification and data extraction.

Extract any Invoice Data

get invoice data

Use Grooper to collect more than just invoice number, dates, and totals. You get to decide what invoice information to collect, including line-item data that spans multiple pages.

Use extracted invoice data to build powerful payment processes backed by automated reconciliation and validation workflows. Automating accounts payable processes has never been easier.

Enterprise Accounts Payable Automation that Puts You in Control

  • Unlimited data capture – no limits on data capture fields
  • Built-in integrations with content management systems like, ApplicationXtender, SharePoint, etc.
  • Integrate with your invoice management / accounting system
  • Handwriting recognition for signatures and manual notations
  • Deep approval workflows route invoices with your business rules
  • Full visibility into how data is identified and extracted
  • Secure data integration within your protected infrastructure
  • Lock box services available in our SOC 2 Type 2 secured facility
  • Paper invoices or virtually any format of electronic invoice

Grooper – the Bigger Picture

Because Grooper is an enterprise-wide tool that leverages machine learning and intelligent document processing, it expands to all departments within your organization. Grooper is used to augment workflows outside of accounting.

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Use-cases include healthcare claims processing, contract analysis, image processing / cleanup on poorly scanned documents, B2B data transformations, mortgage document processing, procurement, student transcripts, detecting / cleaning protected information for compliance, etc.

Why choose an AP automation solution that doesn’t scale to any document / data processing within your organization?

Adopting Grooper means less overall technology is needed in your organization, less technical debt, and more focus on the things that matter. Put the accounting department at the center of your organization’s automation journey. Integrate with robotic process automation bots, and create next-gen innovations that save your organization from being disrupted.

Invoice Automation Testimonials

  • “We use Grooper for a lot of accounting purposes, and for all the different types of invoices that we process. One of the reasons we like Grooper is that have one application built within Grooper for our whole accounting department. It contains seven different samples of the different kind of invoices we use, depending on if it’s a travel claim, or if it’s repaying a vendor, or something else. Grooper’s able to just recognize everything.”

    Ryan Freeman-Smith, Manger, Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • “Being able to simplify and even automate the data entry of scanned documents into our system with (Grooper) OCR is amazing and a godsend.”

    Michael K.

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