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The Benefits of Going Digital

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Document Conversion

BIS accelerates processes by converting your paper documents into a practical digital format.

DSC01424.1BIS converts your paper documents into digital images and data through strategy, flexibility, delivery, quality, scalability, and variety.

  • Strategy. BIS understands the big picture from how to unlock information trapped on paper to improved workflows on how images and data will integrate within your applications.
  • Flexibility. BIS gives you the option to prep, box, and deliver your own documents or we can do it all for you. We can scan in-house or we can install the equipment and resources to scan on-location wherever you may be.
  • Delivery. BIS delivers your images and data on encrypted media or via our private secure cloud. Upon completion we can either return, destroy, or store your original paper documents.
  • Quality. BIS employees are trained and proficient in the use of scanners and capture software. We take special care of your paper, privacy and security. We are bound by the same government regulations as you.records_Page_1
  • Scalability. BIS accepts archival and day-forward document conversion jobs ranging from a few hundred documents to tens of millions. We can handle any scanning job at any time.
  • Variety. BIS has specialized equipment for scanning everything from onionskin paper, bound materials, large-format renderings, handwritten scraps, photographs, microfilm, and more.

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Micrographics Conversion

BIS accelerates processes by converting microfilm or microfiche into a practical digital format.

BIS can convert your microfilm or microfiche into digital images that can be accessible from any computing device.

Microfilm Conversion

  • Frame-based imaging – If you need to regularly access your microfilmed documents and want each frame as its own digital image BIS can perform a frame-based conversion for you that Page 1.Micromediawill be easily searchable.
  • Reel-based imaging – If you don’t need individual document frames extracted from reels or you access your microfilm infrequently, then our reel-based conversion may be your solution. This is the lower cost option because we scan each reel in its entirety, thereby circumventing the labor-intensive frame detection process altogether.

Microfiche Conversion
BIS scans microfiche from film matrices and microfilm chips from aperture cards in order to provide you with high-quality, computer-usable images of the embedded chips.

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Digital Conversion

BIS migrates any and all data from outdated legacy systems into your newer core system.

BIS can migrate data from nearly any legacy system into a more modern one at any time. By tapping into our digital conversion services, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of a newer, more process-friendly and mobile-enabled system, without sacrificing access to your legacy data.

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OCR/ICR and Data Entry

BIS combines automated OCR/ICR capture software with trained data entry technicians.


BIS provides data entry services in both a technological sense and a traditional sense. Clerks on our records services team are highly proficient at using capture software to automate as much of the data entry process as possible. Naturally, there are circumstances where manual data entry is still required, in those situations we rapidly enter data the old-fashioned way.

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Storage and Destruction

BIS provides a secure Records Center facility for all records storage, retrieval, & destruction.

BIS has as purpose-built Records Centers for our records storage operations at the headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma. Our secure and affordable records storage services enable you to free up 2013_0312_BBF_7843valuable square footage in your office, locker, basement, attic or anywhere else you house records. We can store records in any format – boxes of paper files, healthcare charts and x-rays, large-format blueprints and maps, microfilm and microfiche, magnetic tape, CDs and DVDs, and more.

BIS offers a variety of ways to streamline the handling of your records throughout their life cycle.

    • Retrieval Services. Our inventory and scan-on-demand service allows us to locate any record for occasional reference or in the event of an audit or litigation.
    • Purge and Destruction Services. We can purge and confidentially destroy any file when the time comes. We require an authorized signature for all records slated for destruction. You can review or alter your retention schedules at any time and receive a certificate of destruction.
    • Restoration Services. We can facilitate restoration if you ever have damaged records (for instance, paper documents damaged by water). We handle all documents with the utmost care and efficiency because we know time is critical in many restoration scenarios.
    • Pack-Out Services. We provide careful and efficient pack-out services. If you don’t have the time or resources to box up your own records for transit to our facility, we can come box them for you.

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FlexService for Records

Introducing a flexible, scalable way to convert your paper documents to digital, usable electronic files.

Now you can manage your records worry free with BIS’ new FlexService for Records.

Your company faces unique hurdles when it comes to converting paper documents to digital, usable electronic files. Because no two businesses are alike, we’re introducing FlexService to help your organization focus on your core business while we handle your document management.

FlexService is adaptable and designed to accommodate businesses with any type of conversion and data management project.

Take Your Pick or Combine To Suit Your Needs

Complete Records Conversion Services

  • BIS’ award-winning team handles 100-percent of your conversion project.

On-Site Services

  • We’ll come to you with our highly trained conversion specialists, equipment and necessary software to complete the job.
  • This scalable option is perfect for long-term or seasonal projects.
  • Our friendly team comes to you ready and professionally trained.

Built to Suit

  • If you need to build your own in-house records bureau, put BIS’ 30-years of experience to work and let us help you design your own custom-built imaging center!

In today’s business, BIS knows the importance of being flexible to help you meet your business demands. FlexService takes the hassle out of managing your documents and data with the options you need to succeed.

Download our FlexService flyer here.

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Helpful Forms

BIS Self-Assessment Questionnaires

Get a head start on your records conversion project by completing the appropriate self-assessment questionnaire.

Our self-assessment questionnaires serve as a starting point to help you and BIS determine the size and scope of your conversion project.

It’s easy, simply choose the form that corresponds to the conversion project in which you’re interested (Book, Electronic Documents, Microfiche, Microfilm, Paper, Physical Documents or Storage). Once complete, you can save, attach and email your self-assessment to our records conversion expert by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 405-418-7405.

Book Conversion Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Electronic Document Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Microfiche Conversion Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Microfilm Conversion Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Paper Conversion Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Physical Document Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Records Storage Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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