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We work with any state agency, county, and local municipality to develop information management or infrastructure solutions for human services, tax authorities, courts, sheriff’s offices and many other government entities. Ask us about our procurement contracts, too!

What Our Government Clients Say …

“One thing that is really beneficial for us is that BIS combined all of our different and disparate storage mediums – CDs, magnetic disksOklahoma_State_Capitol, even filing cabinets and boxes – into one archival format.”

“We used to search for days and days to find a specific document, and sometimes we never found the one we were looking for. An imaging solution was needed because we had run out of file cabinets and places to store file cabinets, and we had run out of boxes and places to store boxes. BIS has helped us reduce the time it takes to find information – from 48 hours or more to 60 seconds or less.”

“Our case management system, designed and implemented by BIS, has improved our efficiency many times over. It has so many indispensable, user-friendly functions that we virtually run our court on it.”

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