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We offer solid and secure data center architectures supporting any number of retail locations for anything from inventory management to human resources to invoice processing. We also provide IT support for corporate and individual stores, comprehensive risk assessments to identify network vulnerabilities, and tools that protect the security of customer information.

What Our Retail Clients Say …

“It’s really scary, all the IT security threats out there today. We hear about the data breaches happening to companies like ours all the time. The reason we trust our network infrastructure to BIS is because we know they wouldn’t steer us wrong when it comes to protecting our customer data.”

“Together, we cleaned up this place – 42 file cabinets gone, thanks to our content management system!”

“We spent two or three days with BIS discussing our processes and identifying our business rules. That exploration was valuable because we identified things we do that we had been taking for granted. Every time we identified a business rule that we had been handling manually but didn’t want to give up, BIS came back with a program they developed that would automate the processing of that business rule.”

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