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Racing Against Time To Move Files


Saint Francis Health System
Tulsa, OK

With a conflicting construction project about to take place at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, BIS raced against time to catalog and empty five file rooms full of medical records and move them to a medical records facility a few blocks away… IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS.

BIS utilized a team of 60 to complete the project in two ‘round-the-clock night shifts. Each record was painstakingly cataloged and carts were strategically organized to ensure records were placed in the new facility in perfect order. The key to this project was communication.

Linear ft. of paper moved: 8,704
Rolling carts used: 800
Team members: 60
File rooms emptied: 5
Hours worked: 39
Paper cuts bandages: 27
Cups of coffee consumed: lost count

AllPics_1“Solutions Architect, Zach Vobornik and I scoped, managed and maintained the entire project from beginning to end,” said Jessica Lamb, Solutions Consultant. ”We hired 90 temporary employees solely for this project. Running 24-hour shifts, we finished ahead of schedule with a very low error rate. This was one of my most challenging and rewarding projects thus far in my 12-year career at BIS.”

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