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BIS Saves One Company 52 Days A Year In Lost Productivity

When you’re in the design, manufacturing and distribution of hosiery for many of the country’s leading retailers, productivity is the name of the game. With a warehouse filled with vast amounts of inventory with pickers and stockers moving product on a minute-by-minute basis, it’s important to make the most use out of each day.

This year, BIS, the premier IT solutions organization with the most diverse portfolio in the industry helped one such hosiery manufacturer win back valuable days that were being lost to inefficient, not to mention frustrating, WiFi connectivity.

McCubbin Hosiery is an industry leader in Hosiery, Slippers and Soft-Soled Footwear and a trusted partner with Wal-Mart, Costco, Target and Kohl’s. To keep its trusted status with such prestigious brand name retailers, McCubbin needed to improve their warehouse operations and tackle their issue of slow, frequently interrupted internet service.McCubbin_Pic_2

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, McCubbin’s large warehouse consists of tall ceilings with a metal frame that interfered with their internet service and WiFi capabilities. Extreme heat during the summer months would cause the WiFi to overheat and shut down.

Warehouse employees had the challenge of checking inventory with barcode scanners while dealing with the daily dilemma of unreliable and intermittent WiFi. Even with eight different SSIDs, the inconsistent internet service was becoming cumbersome to daily operations.

In June 2015, BIS performed a heat map on McCubbin’s facility locating the areas needing consistent high-speed internet service and additional switches.

Phuong Do, IT Director at McCubbin, said BIS controlled the project from beginning to end, helping free up his time tremendously. WiFi was installed in the warehouse pick and pack area as well as the internal offices. Hot and cold IAP spares were also configured to accommodate external auditors and any user influx.

The new Aruba install decreased McCubbin’s eight SSIDs down to one which in turn increased warehouse productivity and saved about 8 hours – one full day for each employee – of wasted work each week. That’s 52 newfound days each year for each of their users at McCubbin.  Multiply that by their 20 users and we’re talking a serious amount of newly discovered productivity!

“We are now able to handle work more efficiently, especially during the busy season where we can go anywhere from 20 to 56 users in one day.” Do said. “We are very happy with the process and results BIS provided.”

If BIS can add productive working days to McCubbin’s schedule…imagine what we can do for you! It’s just one way BIS helps make business better.

BIS has built a solid reputation as a full -service information technology provider and integrator of high quality document and data management systems. Since our founding in 1986, we have continually kept pace with the ever changing landscape. Our solutions portfolio is one of the most diverse and trusted in the industry. Headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, we offer the best technologies in the market today. The BIS team will design, develop and install a solution that best fits your business. Contact us today!

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